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Perhaps one of the areas in most homes that are not cleaned out as much as other spaces, is the garage. Due to this, many garages become ‘spare-rooms’ where random bits and bobs are dumped or packed away, never to be seen again. However, when utilized correctly, a well-organized garage can serve as your own in-house self-storage area, providing the perfect amount of space to pack away seasonal items, tools or even, when stored correctly, important keepsakes.

Clean it out

Before thinking of re-organizing your garage, it is important to take a few days to empty the contents of the garage and go through everything you have. While emptying the garage, divide your belongings into three categories, following the ‘keep, toss and donate’ rule. Once you divide everything up, you need to take a good look at the space and think about what you need when it comes to storage. Once you know what you want the space to look like and how you need it to function, you can start adding in the shelving and storage solutions that will work for you.

Add shelving

An inexpensive way to instantly create more space in your garage is to add shelving to walls. If you want to do something even more affordable, then hooks and wire baskets are your best bet as they not only provide ease of access, but will ensure that you find what you are looking for with ease. This is a great way to store tools, books or even extra household items like detergents or non-perishable items.

Stack them up

If you have lots of different items that need to be organized and stored, then plastic storage bins are a great idea. Make sure to correctly label each storage bin before putting the lid on and stacking. When doing this, it is important to think about what items you will need more often before stacking them up. This is also a great way to store bulky winter clothes or blankets, just be sure to cover them in plastic wrap before neatly packing them into the boxes.

Up-cycle old containers

If you have a wooden shelf in your garage but still find that you have random bibs and bobs laying around that tend to get lost, then saving up all your empty glass and plastic jars are a great idea. Simply drill the lids of your jars to the underside of the shelf and screw the jars into the lids. This is an effective way to store nails of different sizes, clips, or even small cable-ties. This method works great inside cupboards as well as it enables you to add an extra bit of space to tall shelves.

Make use of hooks

If you don’t have enough space to have storage containers or boxes in your garage but still need to tidy up, then nailing strong hooks into your walls is a great way to save some space. Make sure that the hooks you use are strong so that whatever you hang up, won’t fall off. This is a great method to use if you need to hang up sporting equipment or even cleaning products such as your broom and mop.

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