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Planning on Downsizing? Here Are a Few Helpful Tips on How to Get Started

Are you planning on downsizing your home but not too sure where to start? No matter the reason, it often makes financial sense to downsize your home by finding a smaller and more economical place to live in.

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How to Organize Your Kitchen

No matter the size, it can be a struggle to constantly keep your kitchen clean, tidy, and looking great. Even if you do not have a lot of space, there are nifty little storage tips and tricks that you can adopt to make the most of your kitchen without breaking the bank.

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Here with updated RENT-A-STORE LEVEL 3 precautions and storage unit accessibility.

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How to Organise Your Home During Lock-down

Organising your home is a great way to take your mind off current world-events and, your newly organized space is bound to put you in a better headspace.

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How to Declutter and Make Way for a Newborn

Becoming a parent is an exciting time in many people's lives, however, it can get daunting when you feel unprepared and as if you still have a mountain of things to do before the new baby arrives.

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Tips to Keep Yourself Sane While Renovating Your Home

There is no better time to organize your living space than just before a home renovation. While it might seem unnecessary step to take before embarking on any renovation.

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Get your Garage Organised and looking Great

Perhaps one of the areas in most homes that are not cleaned out as much as other spaces, is the garage. Due to this, many garages become ‘spare-rooms’ where random bits and bobs are dumped or packed away, never to be seen again.

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Meet our Rent-A-Store-Locations

After being in the business for 17 years, Rent-A-Store has become leaders in their industry providing A-grade storage units, exceptionally high-quality management and security systems at all of our facilities, an effective and easy online signup process, competitive pricing, ideal locations and helpful staff.

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It's Time for a Spring Clean

Spring is here and with the new season comes new beginnings. Spring is a time for clearing out, letting go and starting afresh

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Top Tips for Getting Organised for the New Year

We have some great tips to help you get a head-start on your home organization and ease you into the new year with a clear physical and mental space.

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How Best to Store Your Camping and Lifestyle Equipment

Summer is finally here and the festive season is just around the corner! Here are our top tips to ensure the safe storage of your valued camping items.

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How to Merge two Homes into one as Newlyweds

A cluttered home filled with items that either of you don't use or like can lead to an anxious living space and even put a strain on your partnership.

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