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Your 4-week Guide to Decluttering Your Home


We know that even the words “declutter your home” could leave one feeling anxious and stressed out. While it does seem like a mighty task - and it is, it certainly can be done in as little time as possible. This is especially true if you have a killer task list and a trustworthy storage unit and, luckily for you, that is exactly what you will find here at Rent-a-Store! While it sounds very unlikely that you can declutter your entire home in just 4 weeks, trust us when we say that the tips and tricks below will help you achieve a clean and decluttered home with ease.

Week 1

Start with the easiest space
It’s an age-old trick, cross the easiest thing off your list and feel a sense of accomplishment and motivation to do the rest - the same thing applies here. Start with a room that has the least amount of clutter yet that is used every day such as your bathroom. Chances are that what's making your bathroom feel cluttered is an excess of ‘stuff’ on display such as toiletries, towels and even stacks of toilet paper. It is never a bad time to go through your medicine cabinet and body care products to check which are expired or which haven't been used in a while. Toss anything that hasn't been used in the last 6 months as chances are, they are most likely expired. It is also worthwhile to check the bottom of each bottle to see how long you are supposed to keep each product. This will help you when deciding on what to toss and what to keep. If you need to store some of your products but don't have enough cupboard space, then it might be a good idea to get some beautiful boxed or storage containers to pack your items in. this not only gives your space a more clean and decluttered look but will enable you to easily find products and any other personal care products.

Week 2

Pick up as you go
When you set the intention to declutter, you will find that the thought of cleaning up your space is alive and kicking in your mind at all times. Make the most of this by picking up smaller pieces of things every day that catches your eye and doesn't immediately make you happy. If you find yourself gazing at something and thinking “why do I have this” or “I need to get rid of that” then now is as good a time as any to pick it up and toss it out. Adopting this will also make the next 2 weeks of decluttering a lot easier for you.

Week 3

Move to your most cluttered space
While this might give you a headache just thinking about it, decluttering your kitchen is a super important thing to do - especially if you use it every day. Start with your pantry, food cupboards and refrigerator and toss anything that has reached their ‘best-before-date’. If there are any non-perishable items that have been sitting in your cupboards for a while and you don't think that you will be using them anytime soon, then take them out and donate them to someone who will. The same applies to cleaning products and other food items. The kitchen is also one of the spaces where we have a lot of unnecessary clutter which is often in the form of big (or small) appliances that you only use a few times a year. These items only take up unnecessary space and would be much suited to being kept in a safe storage space where they are out of your way but still accessible. Adopt these same methods of tossing and storing items for any other room in your home such as bedrooms or storerooms.

Week 4

Look at your lounge
Take a good look at your living area and dining room. Chances are there are a few big, unused pieces of furniture that hold sentimental value but serve no purpose in your space. If this is the case, then move your beloved items to a storage unit to help clear up space and give you peace of mind that they are safe and secure. The extra room in your home can be used to add plants (which bring oxygen and positivity) or even some beautiful prints that can brighten up your room. Now that you have the basics sorted on how to ease into decluttering, you will soon find that it will come as second nature to you. However, it is important to remember that decluttering does not only mean getting rid of the items you already own, or even moving them to a storage space, but also extends to the things you buy. Try to make it a rule that as soon as you buy something like clothing or a new kitchen gadget, you donate something else. That way, you won’t have a sense of feeling overwhelmed when it comes to tidying up or decluttering again. If you have a few items that hold high sentimental value but are not being used, then why not have a look at our storage options here at Rent-a-Store? Be sure to visit our website to find a storage solution that suits your needs.

Photo Credit: Africa Studio

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