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Top Tips for Getting Organised for the New Year

Along with the exciting introduction of a new year, often comes the hurried feeling of needing to organise your life and space so that you can start the year off feeling ready and rejuvenated. Sometimes, an untidy or disorganized living environment causes unnecessary anxiety where one can become overwhelmed and anxious, ultimately gathering more bits and bobs that take up needed space. Luckily for you, we have some great tips to help you get a head-start on your home organization and ease you into the new year with a clear physical and mental space.

Take your time when sorting out your space

While the end of the year might feel as if it just flies past, taking the time to sort out your home without feeling flustered or hurried is a wonderful way to help you and your family ease into the new year. If you can't dedicate a few days to the task, then break it up into an hour or two here and there, working your way through everything you have accumulated this past year. The main rule to follow is that if you haven't used it or worn it for the year, then chances are that you might never really use it again.

Write it down

Nowadays, we are so preoccupied with the convenience of having our phones with us that we tend to use it for any and all of our notes and thoughts. While that may work for some, depending on technology for everything could cause anxiety and stress, particularly when we feel flustered and worn-down, which usually happens just before the new year. Go back to basics and get a good quality daily planner or journal that can be kept in your car or slipped into your bag for all of your to-do lists, thoughts and appointments. Nothing makes one feel more organized that ticking off those boxes!


There is no better way to end off the year than by helping those who are less fortunate than yourself. While cleaning out your space, be sure to make piles of items that you no longer use, be it kitchen utensils, clothing or even stationary. There are many wonderful charities or homes that would welcome some preloved items.

Plan a cleaning schedule

Get ahead of your cleaning for 2020 and plan a schedule for cleaning. This is a great addition to add to your diary and, if you prefer, then you can even set up reminders on your phone for weekly, quick cleans or reminders to do the laundry! Cleaning in short bouts also make things a lot easier in the long run and keeps your living space smelling fresh and clean.

Be smart with storage

Take your kitchen storage up a notch and invest in glass jars to decant your spices and dry goods into. This not only makes you aware of what you have but is a good indicator when it comes to keeping track of anything that might be expired or what you’re running. The great thing about utilizing this form of storage is that you can reuse your jars and will end up saving a lot more money on fancy packaging in the long run. Plus, you can use your jars to store bits and bobs around the house such as coins, pins and stationery.

Make more space

While we don't expect you to get rid of everything you haven't used, there are a few things that just take up space no matter how you pack them, such as heaters, fans, winter clothes, suitcases, books and excess valued items. Instead of having them clutter your space, you can rent a suitably sized self-storage unit from RENT-A-STORE close to your home so you can easily access these important items whenever you require them.

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