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How to Organise Your Home During Lock-down


Since we’ve been in lock-down for well over a month now, we know that staying at home for such a long time can get quite overwhelming. If you feel like you’re suffering from cabin fever and don't really know what else to do, then this post might just come in handy. Lock-down is the perfect time to organize your home and give it a proper, deep clean. While we know that it might seem like the last thing you want to do, organising your home is a great way to take your mind off current world-events and, your newly organized space is bound to put you in a better headspace, Read our tips below on how to easily organise your home during a lock-down.

Create the right environment

Before you begin sorting out your home, it’s important that you create the right environment. This helps you feel less stressed and anxious and will ensure that you organise your space while you’re in the right headspace. An easy way to do this is by making a cup of tea or coffee, playing some upbeat or soothing music and lighting some candles (yes, those candles that you are keeping for a special occasion).

Start small

It is important to break the task up as much as you possibly can. Choose the room you want to begin with and then break it up into even smaller areas. For example, if you start with your kitchen, then why not empty out that spice cupboard? When emptying out cupboards and draws such as this one, be strict on yourself and throw out anything that you haven't used or that is near their expiration date. This will not only allow you to properly see everything you have but will save you from having to chuck out expired items later on. Similarly, go through your wardrobe and take it a cupboard at a time. Think about what you really need and take some time out to fit on everything. This not only allows you to see what needs tailoring or mending, but you will be forced to pack away items that no longer fit or are beyond repair.

Categorize your wardrobe and cupboards

Now that you know what clothes to keep and what to chuck, sort out your ‘keep’ pile into colour and type. Pack similar styles and colours together and neatly fold them so that your wardrobe becomes a pleasure to open in the mornings. This will also make getting dressed significantly faster since you will know where everything is.

Move some furniture

A great way to spruce up your home and make it look a little different is to move around your furniture. You don't need to move everything around but even swopping your TV and couch (if possible) can make your space seem rejuvenated If this is not possible, then try moving around smaller pieces of furniture, who knows, you might find that you prefer it that way!

Make it a happy space

Once you have gone through every room in your home, you might notice that your space feels a lot less cluttered, already making you feel mentally stronger and lighter! Increase that feeling by putting out some of the items that help you spark joy such as photographs, family albums or even small mementos. By having them on display, you are more likely to glimpse it when walking past or even while working, reminding you of the happy memory associated with it. Once your space is cleaned and organized to your liking, you might find that there are pieces of furniture or even clothes and bedding that are taking up valuable living and storage space. Why not rent one of our storage units to safely store your possessions until they are needed again? Have a look at our website at Rent-a-Store to find the storage unit that suits your needs.

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