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How to Merge two Homes into one as Newlyweds

Getting married and moving into a new home with your partner will perhaps be one of the most exciting times of your life. We know all the planning that comes with this life-changing moment might cause you and your partner some stress, so we have put together some handy tips on how to merge two homes into one with ease, giving you one less thing to worry about!

Plan your space

A good thing to do as soon as you and your partner find your new home is to visit the place together armed with a book and pen. Go through the rooms and write down each of your ideas about what the space will ideally look like or what kind of theme you want running in the home (do you want a nautical bathroom and your partner a muted one?). It also helps to make quick sketches of the room and insert blocks or shapes for specific furniture which comes in handy when planning on where to put plants, hang frames or add any other decorative items. This is also a great way to help you decide on which furniture you will be taking and serves as a handy way of visualising what your home will look like, enabling you to create the perfect blend of each other’s personality.

Think about what you use

While you might feel tempted to bring all of your things along, take a week to write down everything you use regularly. While it might seem like a schlep, you’ll notice that you actually don't use many of the items you think you do. This is an especially helpful tip to consider if you’re a cook as we often tend to collect the most clutter in the kitchen. This also works when you think about stocking your new grocery cupboard and, by writing down what you use most, you will certainly save a lot more when shopping for your new home.

Create the peace

A cluttered home filled with items that either of you don't use or like can lead to an anxious living space and even put a strain on your partnership. When going through your new home and planning the style of it, be honest with your partner about what you want and how you imagine the space to be. It is also worthwhile to remember that life gets busy and you might not always get around to cleaning, especially if your space is cluttered with furniture and mementos that you don't quite need. If there really are some things that you just cannot donate or put in storage, then be sure to purchase large plastic storage containers that are easy to label and pack in your space. Don't have the place for that? Then be smart about storage space and get things such as wicker baskets and ottomans that have storage as they are both functional and look good!

Make it your own

Getting married is a big step and, if this is the first time that you’re living together, then it’s important to make sure that you both feel comfortable in your new space. A great way to ease into the transition is for each of you to bring 3 - 5 items that provide you with comfort or a sense of home which can be added to your new space without adding clutter. This can be anything from your favourite throw to your partner’s pot plant. Sharing these important items in a shared living space will not only give you both a sense of belonging, but allow your partner to appreciate your items as well.

Be realistic about space

While it might seem important to you to keep those huge pots or that deep-fryer that you never use, try to be realistic about keeping your space as easy to live in and navigate as possible. Naturally, there will be a few treasured heirlooms and appliances that you might not be able to take with you and, instead of getting rid of them, why not invest in one of our small storage units which you and your partner can share? This will ensure that you are able to come and go as you please and store a myriad of things in a safe space.

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