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How to Organize Your Kitchen

As one of the areas that is most used in our home (especially since COVID-19 has forced us to spend more time cooking), keeping your kitchen organized can at times, feel quite overwhelming - especially if you are cooking for a family. No matter the size, it can be a struggle to constantly keep your kitchen clean, tidy, and looking great. Even if you do not have a lot of space, there are nifty little storage tips and tricks that you can adopt to make the most of your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Start small

The best way to start organizing your kitchen space is to go through each draw and cupboard and empty out the contents completely. Check any half-opened bags and boxes to make sure that the items inside are still okay and most importantly, not expired. Throw out anything that has been sitting open for a few months since they have most probably gone off by now.

While you are unpacking, try to take out a few things (random, mismatched plates, containers, and mugs) that you are not using and pack them all in a box to donate. This not only makes it easier for you to live without waste, but your items will be going to those who need it more.

Once all of your cupboards and draws are empty, give it a good wipe down with some water and cleaner to ensure that all dust, random bits of food and dirt are removed.

Tidy up the fridge

One of the storage items we use the most in our kitchen yet tend to organize the least is our fridge. Giving your fridge a thorough clean at least every month is a great way to make sure that you do not buy unnecessary produce and that you use up everything that you have. The best way to tidy up your fridge is to remove all of the draws and give it a wipe down with a clean cloth, hot water and some cleaning solution (or even some vinegar!). Before you repack your fridge, empty out containers and food items that you are not going to be using. Lots of random veggies that you’re not sure what to do with? Make a quick and hearty soup! If you have carrot tops, broccoli and some leafy greens then chuck them in a blender with some nuts and you've got yourself a quick pesto!

Before repacking, put some absorbent paper down on your shelves and in your draws to make your next clean up as easy as possible!

Choose glass

An easy way to upgrade your storage and spice cupboard without breaking the bank is to buy as many of your food products in glass. Opt for glass containers when purchasing nut butters, sauces, spices, and syrups as you can easily reuse them when you are done with the product. This is also a great way to cut out plastic from your home since you can reuse the glass containers to fill up on food at zero-waste stores. Using glass containers also makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for at-a-glance and makes your cupboards look fresh and streamlined!

Use storage canisters

If your draws are filled up with mismatched and random sized utensils that are taking up too much space, then get a few storage containers the same colour as your countertop to help streamline your draws. Add larger utensils to your storage canisters and let them live on the counter to efficiently clear up space while adding some character to your kitchen. By having the container at the same time as your counter-top, you will give the illusion that there are lesser things on the counter, helping to make your kitchen look a lot tidier.

Get a veggie rack

If your vegetables are in a bowl in your counter, then chances are that it makes your counter look a lot more cluttered than it actually is. Invest in a streamlined vegetable rack that can stand in a corner of your kitchen or even next to your oven and use it to store your fruits, vegetables and even a few pots and pans that you use quite often. This not only allows you to quickly see what produce you have on hand but limits the chances of your vegetables and fruits going off.

Label everything

No need to invest in a label maker, simply get plain, ready-cut stickers and a beautiful marker and start labelling all of your jars and tins. This way, it makes it easy to find what you are looking for without having to open spice jars and smell the contents. Add a label to the top of jars as well so that you store smaller jars in draws. This is a great way to have easy access to the items you need without having to move jars and containers around in your cupboard.

Make the most of hooks

Buy a pack of minimalist and simple hooks to add some extra space to your kitchen. Make sure that they are strong enough to hold heavy objects (especially if they are the stick-on hooks). Install them on as many hidden spots as you can such as on the inside of cupboard doors, under shelves and the sides of counters to instantly create free space that you can now utilize. Store baking equipment, teacups, mugs and even utensils on the hooks to limit the amount of clutter in your draws.

Giving your kitchen a thorough clean as mentioned above will also allow you to see what kitchen equipment you own but hardly use. More often than not, we tend to store our bulky equipment in precious cupboards or counter space and hardly use them. If you have a smaller kitchen that simply cannot hold all of the kitchen equipment and appliances that you won, then why not consider renting out a small storage unit to store your precious, but hardly used items. At Rent-a-Store, we have the perfect storage solution to suit your needs so be sure to have a look at our offerings here: Self storage units

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