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Here with updated RENT-A-STORE LEVEL 3 precautions and storage unit accessibility.

The health and safety of you, our customers, is of utmost importance to us, at RENT-A-STORE. We are closely monitoring and adapting to new updates from the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and South African regulatory bodies regarding COVID-19.


Access to the storage facility and individual storage units is determined in accordance with regulations applying to the current LEVEL 3 status.

Directions by the minister of co-operative governance relating to the movement of persons and goods was published on the 7 May 2020 and further expanded on the 12th May 2020 to include business relocations as well as the cancelling of the original 7 June 2020 deadline, to indefinitely.

Apart from essential services and other Level 3 permitted activities, our customers can move furniture and goods between storage units and places of business and residence.

Provided you travel with copies of your storage lease agreement and / or your residence lease, purchase agreement or substantiating relocation documentation and the necessary police permits to cross another province, metropolitan area or district for the purposes of relocation you should be good to move goods in or out of your storage unit/s.

Rent-A-Store realises it does not have the jurisdiction over, or the capacity of, the police to validate or verify the required travel documentation. Please make sure you are compliant as you move to and from RENT-A-STORE facilities.


As normal, 6am to 6pm Monday to Sunday, (including public holidays)


Self-storage facilities are a low risk economic activity, due to the open-air spread-out nature of the facilities, low staff densities, low customer densities and customers are able to go directly to their individual private storage units. Having said this, we are adopting a cautiously phased approach to reopening and have a COVID-19 health protection plan in place to further mitigate all risk of transmission at our facilities.

The on-site branch offices, transport services as well as the sale of packing and moving supplies are now safely open under level 3, all be it with a slightly reduced staff compliment.

Copies of our comprehensive COVID-19 protection and mitigation plan is available at all branch locations for public inspection.

We ask that you please think ahead and plan your visit to your storage unit so you are in and out as quickly as possible. Please make sure you wear a mask on arrival at the facility. Please wash your hands at the sanitized hand wash areas on the way in and out of the storage facility. Please also limit the amount of people assisting you as you move in or out of storage. Please do not make unnecessary communications with RENT-A-STORE personnel, do not loiter or hang around or utilise the chill areas and the regularly sanitized clean and tidy ablutions, if at all possible.


The branch offices are safely open with all the protection and mitigation measures in place. But remember we encourage you to reserve and rent from your computer or phone.

It’s an easy, contact free, skip the counter, self-service rental platform where you can do it all. Select a location & unit, find special offers, book your free move in transport, e-sign your lease and pay, all online. Thereafter, all you will need to do is pack and move-in, using your online access pass.

You can also rent storage or speak to customer care by calling 0861 73 68 27.


Free move in truck and trailer services are available again and running with strict safety procedures in place. Remember rent ahead of time to avoid disappointment as truck availability gets booked up quickly towards month end.


RENT-A-STORE has completed the necessary transmission risk analysis and our COVID-19 protection and mitigation plan is in place. We wish all our customers good health and thank you for your patience, co-operation and ongoing support.

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