You will experience strict enforcement of access rules and procedures, with visible and concealed state of the art systems and perimeter security at all our storage facilities. Consistently high standards are kept with constant monitoring, daily lock checks and system maintenance.

Electronic systems & guarding

The following is in place:

  • A unique partnership with our security companies to ensure that our guards are well paid, incentivised, committed, and form an integral part of the Rent-A-Store team.
  • Perimeters are protected by walling, palisade fencing and full height electric fencing, maintained 24/7 and linked to armed response
  • 24 hour guarding with patrol monitoring and armed response back up
  • Strict access control procedures with CCTV surveillance.
  • Gates are locked at night, and keys held off the premises
  • Daily walk through lock checks with individual unit over tagging.
  • Ample night lighting for surveillance

Access to storage premises


On arrival at RENT-A-STORE, you or your registered access person will be required to present certain information for verification.

You or your access person will be required to produce valid identification on each entry.

All particulars of your entry , time & movements while on site and your exit will be carefully monitored and recorded.

Tenants and access persons who fail to comply with access procedures & RENT-A-STORE rules will not be given access to the premisis.

It must be noted that RENT-A-STORE co-operates with both the South African police & customs officials.

RENT-A-STORE will immediately remove access rights when a signed letter of request to this effect is issues by the lease signatory only.

After hours access

Our facilities are locked at night, and the keys are held by an external security service. No after hour’s access exceptions are made for any users.

Access for unregistered helpers

Unregistered helpers must be accompanied by a registered user at all times.

Deliveries and collections

Delivery and transport companies must be accompanied by a registered user at all times.

Storage unit access

Secure structures

Storage units are purpose designed, built and managed for secure storage. Units are solid brick with no windows, with insulated Chromadek roofs and roller shutter doors.

Storage locks

Each unit door is fitted with a unique tamper proof padbolt system. Tenants secure their unit with their own padlock and key.

Holding of unit keys

Rent-A-Store does not hold padlock keys for any tenant.

Lost keys

Lock cutting can only be arranged by Rent-A-Store for a small fee with written notice from the tenant.


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